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The start of She Loves Sundays

Started in June this year, during the peak of the Covid pandemic, whilst weddings and all work for my first business Chanelle Wright was put on hold due to lockdown restrictions. The dream of "She loves Sundays" started...

Our first casual wear collection, resembling rest and new beginnings. The turmoil that was the pandemic forced a season of rest, and enabled me to restart and create garments I loved and felt truly passionate about. Clothes I had always dreamt of and longed for the time and opportunity to make.

In between making masks, while weddings were on hold, I began paging through inspiration images and fabric swatches I had collected for the 'lifestyle brand' I had always dreamt of creating, "She Loves Sundays" was born. Sundays because of the rest that a Sunday represents. The calm, peace, restoration and time for preparation that a Sunday brings. 

This journal page will be updated regularly with what we are up to, the talented people we collaborate with and as a platform to showcase the work and stories of women we are inspired by in this creative journey.

We can't wait to see where this exciting start leads us and the people we will meet along the way.